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Looking For Renee Ballerand

I posted back in April to the forum Finding Old Friends,looking for an old friend from the 1970s,Renee Ballerand.

A posting was made by a person in May informing me that she was a cousin of theirs. I  only found the post yesterday from "Ballerand" and now want to bring things to fruition as I will be in HK next month and wish to meet up. 

If anyone reads this knows Renee Ballerand please go to the forum Finding Old Friends (last posting yesterday August 25) where my contact details and story is located.

I will be so grateful for the effort to help get a reunion. 

A "Kerene" also posted wanting to find Renee,so did you find her ?  




I have not been successful in finding my friend depsite a Batgunger posting in May that she was a cousin and still living in Hong Kong.

If anyone who knows any Ballerand family in HK please get in touch with me through the forum or Mr.T as he is also trying to help by sending emails.

I arrive in HK on September 29 and would dearly love to catch up and find Renee as I have been successful in finding two other long lost friends thanks to Batgung and a reunion is planned during my trip.

Renee lived in the mid levels last time I heard from her