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Pillbox 033, To Tei Wan [1939- ]

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Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Intact
Date of last visit: Jun-1996
Ref: ROB-00634

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This Pillbox and its Lyon Light Shelter (www.gwulo.com/node/19394) are both still there and easily accessible. The PB lies at the back of the northern end of To Tei Wan Beach, whereas the Lyon Light Shelter is at the middle, rear of the beach. Both are of standard British WWII design, except that the PB door is not full height, presumably because the land rises slightly towards its rear.

The PB and LL are about 70 to 100 meters apart, which I think makes them the pair separated by the furthest distance of all the remaining PB's with LLs. I wonder how effective communication down the voice-tube was over such a long distance? 

To Tei Wan Beach is easy to get to, but not so easy to return from, using the 750 or so steps down from Shek O Road.