Pillbox 025, Wong Ma Kok [1939- ]

Submitted by Rob on Thu, 03/20/2014 - 17:40
Current condition
Date completed

Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Unknown
Date of last visit: Sep-1996
Ref: ROB-00626
Other: Restricted Area

Photos that show this Place


Dear all,

I have just made a visit to PB025, the pillbox is still there and in a good shape. The interior is repainted by someone...It has a strange design which the entrance is in the same direction as the gun window!



Thanks for those pictures Derek. Good to know it is still standing. Did you notice if the LL Shelter was still there in the vegetation?


For the LL, I will take one more trip to search for it. I hope it is still there and in good shape!



Good luck with that. It should be in all that tangle of vegetation above and to the left of the PB (as you face it).


Have taken some arial photos of PB025 and LL025 in November. With a pier for boat sailing, stone steps to the roof of the pillbox and a sun shade is setup, it seems this defend post is now renovated as a recreation spot. I couldn't locate the Lyon Light Shelter when I took the photos. Only discovered it when I viewed the images on computer screen. 

PB_LL025_01.jpg, by Old Jim
PB_LL025_02.jpg, by Old Jim
PB_LL025_03.jpg, by Old Jim