Looking for survivors of 1937 typhoon

Submitted by olivia.rosenman on Tue, 03/18/2014 - 11:43


I am hoping to find someone who lived through the 1937 Typhoon for a piece I am writing. I would love to hear their memories of their experience in the storm and the aftermath. 

Thank You, 

Olivia Rosenman

Dear Olivia,

Thank you so much for your initiative to write on the 1937 Typhoon.  I am equally keen to do so.  Really very much appreciated!

I recall that the well-known collector Mr Cheng Po Hung (鄭寶鴻) told me before that his father experienced the 1937 Typhoon and told him about a ship running ashore Connaught Road Central (name of the ship was An Lee and I have a few photos of it).  Maybe you could contact him (I can email you his phone number if you wish).

CM Shun