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Looking for photos of historic kowloon

I am looking for street scenes of Kowloon from the 1950s for use in my documentary film entitled 'Building 173: 1 house, 7 stories, 3 generations'. The film is the tale of an apartment building in downtown Shanghai. Its residents have witnessed three quarters of a century of the most dramatic upheaval in modern chinese history and the film tells their stories. I saw some great photos on the Batgung gallery of 1950s photos - the picture of the Rose and Star hotels on Nathan Road was my favourite though the shot of the Broadway cinema was also beautiful. I am looking for one fairly wide street level scene like these. If you have any photos of kowloon street scenes from the 1950s, please get in touch with me via email charlotte.mikkelborg@gmail.com or by posting a reply. Though I am on a fairly low budget, I could offer something for the photo. Thanks, Charlotte