50 Kennedy Road [????- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

50 Kennedy Road [????- ]

Leased by the Anglican church as a guesthouse in 1939. Described as a Chinese style house. The location was excellent with a splendid sweeping view of the blue and green Harbor and it's Framing brown Hills. Mary had a small room one of the series that opened into a glassed in veranda, or gallery, which ran across the front of the large house. In the back of each room another door opened onto a long balcony from which two bridges crossed the large open courtyard and, rising several feet, connected with another balcony. Onto this opened four large bathrooms which backed into the hillside. A very ingenious arrangement, it was well-suited to a large household with many servants. Under the row of bathrooms were quarters for the servants. Two flights of cement steps, perched on flimsy looking, cement pillars rose from courtyard to balcony. The front stairs ran down from the windowed veranda to the dining and living room's and the rooms of Mrs. Elliott and Griffin into suite for a family. "With a war on" by Mary Tyng Higgens