Chai Wan Factory Estate [1959- ]

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The conversion of the Chai Wan building for residential use is complete. It is declared a grade 2 historic building and named Wah Yan House, Wah Ha Estate.

Note that there is another similar factory building (although not H-shaped) in Lai King Estate, Kwai Chung . It is still in use!

I have just taken some photos of it and uploaded them here (Flatted Factories, Lai King Estate [c.1975- ]).

I took some pictures of this recently renovated building on 7 & 14 Nov 2016 and have uploaded them here. As shown by the pictures, so far, they have opened a Typography Display Room, a Toy Manufacturing Display Room, and a Furniture Manufacturing Display Room.

Tenants have moved in, as can be seen by the photos taken on 14 Nov 2016, in which laundry can be seen hanging near the windows on the upper floors.