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Former Cheung Chau Police Station [1899-????]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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New police station was built after this building attacked and looted by pirates in August 1912. Location is approximate


govt pic shows building was still going strong in 1973. David can you delete 1912 from headline? anyone know if and when this building was knocked down?
It was previously an Imperial tax collection station...

Hi, just edit the place, clear out the "Date completed" and save. The headline will be updated automatically.

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Are you talking about the Pawn Shop building or the other building beside it?

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it's not clear in their description what they're referring to, however it's not the pawn shop, if this 1900 picture is right:

Photograph shows part of the beach and village facing west. The main feature is the splendid building in Chinese style, with a supported pier and a flagpole. Note three uniformed figures sitting in front of the building under a matshed awning. The building is probably the former Imperial Chinese Maritime Customs now housing the newly established Hong Kong police station (following the lease of the New Territories, including Cheung Chau, in 1898), and the three men are members of the Hong Kong Police.