Former Sheung Shui / Fu Ti Au Police Station [1902- ]

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currently used as a Junior Police Centre 

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All information is from the Antiquities Advisory Board ("1,444 Historic Buildings and New Items in addition to 1,444 Historic Buildings").

Old Sheung Shui Police Station Sheung Shui Heung, Sheung Shui, New Territories

Old Sheung Shui Police Station (舊上水警署) was built in 1902 and was one of thirteen police stations built soon after the British took over the New Territories. It appears to have been built to replace an earlier police station which was opened in 1899 at Fu Ti Au (虎地凹), a remote part of Sheung Shui which was in a vulnerable position and had become too small to accommodate additional personnel.


Between 1941 and 1945, the Old Sheung Shui Police Station was occupied by the Japanese troops as divisional headquarters. After the Liberation, British soldiers set up their headquarters there. In 1945, police officers reoccupied the premises. In March 1979, the new Sheung Shui Police Station was opened and the old station became a police reporting centre (警民關係組辦公室) and later a Junior Police Corps (JPC) Club House (少年警訊會所).