Where was this?

Submitted by anonymous-01 on Fri, 04/12/2013 - 02:39

If you go to http://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/image/L0055574.html you will find a picture of Queen's Road taken in 1869. It clearly shows a building called the Victoria Exchange and I wonder if anybody has a number in Queen's Road for this building at the time the picture was taken?

About the time this picture was taken my great grandfather, John Olson, was the manager of The National Tavern at what was then 228 Queen's Road, Central. The site has since been renumbered as 338 Queen's Road.

I am hoping to find a picture near to the area of Queen's Road where he operated in those far off days. It would be of great interest to my family.

All help and suggestions welcome.


Hi Sean,

This was in the lower numbers...I can't recall which exactly, but it was around the area of Queen's Road east of Potttinger Street. The National Tavern at 228 would have been over in the seedier Tavern District, westwards past what was known as the Cross Roads (junction of QR and Wellington Street) and the Gough Street steps. 




Thanks Adam. Thought area looked a bit posh. There are other pictures of Queen's Road on that site but I am told they are too far east on Queen's Road and nearer Wanchai.

If you have any idea where I might find a picture of the area around 292 Queen's Road from around 1868 to 1890 would much appreciate it. It is now 338.

Keyboard nearly worn out searching various places from Australian universities to US ones and am no wiser. Not surprising I suppose as am not sure what to look for.



What a coincience. Yesterday I just posted a photo on the facebook. John Thomson standing in front of Victoria Exchange took a photo looking East. Clock tower can be seen not far away, whereas the photo you posted was looking west.


BTW, I got a photo I believe was taken at the junction of Hollywood Rd & Queen's Rd West, which is the neariest photo to Queen's Rd 338, will post it soon. :)


What a wonderful picture. I have been trawling the web in as many areas as possible to find pictures of Queen's Road about this time. Yours is great but not in the right part for me!

I am looking for a picture which shows the area where  292 Queen's Road stood then. With the renumbering of the road the site has become 338 Queen's Road today and is at the junction of Morrisson Street and Tung Street.

My interest stems from the fact that my great grandfather ran a premises called The National Tavern or National Hotel at this site. His first licence there is recorded as being granted in 1868.

If you have any suggestions where I might look further I would appreciate it - have been as far as eBay and all sorts of places - without luck. Would like to have something at least from the area which I could use on my web page www.amanfromkarlshamn.com which is the story of this man and his family.

Again thanks so much for a wonderful picture.