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Mui Wo salt pans

I am interested in finding out about salt pans that were located in Mui Wo around, or after, WW2. Apparently there is an aerial photograph(s) taken by the RAF which shows their location and which may possibly be  kept in HK Government archives.

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This isn't quite what you want -- but it might be helpful

You can order aerial photos through this. The earliest I could see for Mui Wo was 1963 from 7,000 feet.

Mui Wo Rural Committee's Wong Chau-fuk

On his way back to Mui Wo Rural Committee after shopping for groceries, 82-year-old Wong Chau-fuk pauses to tell HK about the good old days on southern Lantau.

By Yvonne Young | Jul 14, 2005



Thanks for the HK Map Service website namussi.

I found:

which has details of about 20 RAF aerial survey maps, whih are not I think available online. These show different areas of Hong Kong and were taken in 1924-1925 and published in 1945 and 1949.

None appear to be of Mui Wo/Silvermine Bay. However I am not sure where Tung Kwu (#20) or "Wan-hsia" (#30) are.

Thanks again namussi. I had been made aware of this article and included it in the Query and Answer section of The Industrial History of Hong Kong Group newsletter 6 as shown, shortened, below:

A reader has asked whether there were salt pans in Mui Wo around the time of WW2 and whether RAF aerial photographs he had heard about, but not seen, indicated this...Frank Watson has found that in a 2005 interview with the then 82 year-old Mui Wo resident Wong Chau-fuk, Mr Wong states “The land beside the pier and the bus stop was originally the sea….there were some businessmen who set up a salt field nearby, but water kept seeping up out of the ground and the salt wouldn’t crystallize. I remember working there with my dad. After the salt field closed we went back to farming.” Mr Wong was born around 1923, so it looks as if this suggestion is correct. However, more conclusive evidence is needed. A map showing Mui Wo around the end of WW2?

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The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland is digitising the (UK) National Collection of Aerial Photography.

This includes RAF reconnaisance photos from WW2 from all over the world.

They haven't got round to Hong Kong, yet. 

I've emailed them to ask when they might. I'll keep everyone updated


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I wonder if those are what's left of the salt pans.   Pay attention to the rectangular swampy grids just below the construction site in the middle.  They look very much alike the salt pans in Tai O.


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Checked a moment ago and they have 306 photos with the 'Hong Kong' tag.  However if you want to zoom into the photos you need a subscription which starts at twenty quids minimum.  Individual photos could be purchased if you agree to the licencing agreement.