Glenealy Junior School (temporary premises) [1982-1989]

Submitted by isl644 on Sun, 01/27/2013 - 10:51

Glenealy Junior School was in temporary premises between 1982 and 1989 whilst their school in Hornsey Road was rebuilt.

In 1982 they moved to the old Victoria Primary School in Victoria Barracks. My eldest daughter started Form1 there in 1984 and my youngest daughter a year later.

In 1988 they moved back into their new school. It quickly became apparent that with the on-going construction of the adjacent Dynasty Court and Queen's Garden, the new school was unsafe for children. In particular the main playground was unuseable because of falling objects. I recall rather heated PTA meetings with the respective main contractor's representatives.

As a result they moved again to the old Kennedy Road Junior School at 26 Kennedy Road. My memory tells me that this happened during the Autumn Term 1988.

Finally, with wire mesh netting now installed above the main playground, they returned for good to their new school in Hornsey Road for the summer term 1989.

My 2 daughters had all their primary schooling at GJS and loved it. I note that that GJS is now called GS.



On further reflection, I think it more likely that GJS used their new school at Hornsey Road for the whole of the Autumn Term 1988. Once it became clear that the new school was untenable it would have taken awhile to get 26 Kennedy Road ready. My memory (a rather dodgy thing) recalls 2 terms at the old KRJS, so that would have been the Spring and Summer terms of 1989.

I would welcome corroboration or otherwise.