Hung Hom Ferry Pier (Now) [????- ]

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Current condition
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Photos that show this Place


Actually two piers which opened in 1991 (wikipedia):

east berth operated by New World First Ferry to North Point

west berth operated by Star Ferry to Central (service ended 2011- 03-31)

Re: Hung Hom\Central Ferry route

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Hi There,

I believe it was inaugurated sometime last year.  It is operated by the same operator (Fortune Ferry Co. Ltd) running the North Point to Kwun Tong Ferry route.  But the uniform of the sailers all showed CKS (not CMS, sorry).

They charge HKD9.- per trip (same rate as the NP\KT route).  The current may make the ride a bit rough if the wind and tide conditions are met.


Addendum: Fortune Ferry (part of CKS Shipping group) is to commence operating a ferry service between Central (Pier 8) and Hung Hom (South) Ferry Pier from 28th June 2020. The licence is for a period of 5 years.

Due to reclamation works, the current pier appears to have been completed prior to its official opening in March 1991. Can a completion or commencement year be inserted ? Thanks