Hong Kong Technical College / Hong Kong Polytechnic / Hong Kong Polytechnic University [1957- ]

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The smaller outline on the map above shows the area occupied by the Hong Kong Technical College. It changed its name to become the Hong Kong Polytechnic, initially occupying the same site.

The site was then expanded several times, and now occupies the larger outline. It also changed its name again, becoming the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Photos that show this Place


Thanks to Mark MacAlpine for his memories of the site as it looked in this 1979 photo:

Tsim Sha Tsui East-May 1979

He writes:

I arrived in 1973 and well remember the half-and-half period when the ‘old buildings’ (Technical College) were still there, co-existing with the first third of the ‘Harlech castle’ development.  The grey two-storey building above and left of the yellow ‘prepared site’ itself to the left of the swimming pool was probably at that time used by the Central Reprographic Services in the days when photocopiers were special.  Previously it had been a government mortuary.  Later when it was used for temporary classrooms the students were decidedly uncomfortable to be told of this connection – as I usually did during my lectures, but comforted them (?) by saying I was the only ‘gwai’ still around.  The building still exists and will shortly become a centre for research under the aegis of the Boeing aircraft company.

The polytechnic opened on 1972-Aug-2. Its predecessor was the technical college at the same site. Technical college was first established in 1937 in Wanchai and later moved to Hunghom according to the following report:

1972-8-2 polytechnic opens
1972-8-2 polytechnic opens, by simtang


In 1956, governor Grantham laid the foundation stone for the college at Hunghom. So the Hunghom technical college opened around 1957.

1956 hunghom built new polytech
1956 hunghom built new polytech, by simtang

This photo shows the technical college in 1960 south of the Cable and Wireless station on Chatham road



A few more photos in the 1970s

The hong kong polytechnic 1
The hong kong polytechnic 1, by simtang


The hong kong polytechnic 2
The hong kong polytechnic 2, by simtang


The hong kong polytechnic 3
The hong kong polytechnic 3, by simtang


air view. Note that the cross harbour tunnel was already opened and the train station was under construction. Date should be between 1972 and 1975.

The hong kong polytechnic 4
The hong kong polytechnic 4, by simtang


Some older photos in the 1950s


1950s Keswick College, Hong Kong Technical College, Hung Hom 紅磡香港工業專門學院的賈士域堂
1950s Keswick College, Hong Kong Technical College, Hung Hom 紅磡香港工業專門學院的賈士域堂, by simtang


1959 hk technical college
1959 hk technical college, by simtang


1959 Hong Kong Technical College - keswick hall1
1959 Hong Kong Technical College - keswick hall1, by simtang


1959 Hong Kong Technical College 3
1959 Hong Kong Technical College 3, by simtang