Pillbox 110 a/b, Ta Ku Ling San Tsuen [1937- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
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Pillbox 110 a/b, Ta Ku Ling San Tsuen [1937- ]

Current condition: 
Date Place completed: 
Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Ruin
Date of last visit: Jun-1995
Ref: ROB-00510


Any idea on how to get here?

I got there by following the road which goes from CWB Rd down to Mok Tse Che. At the northern side of the houses at Ta Ku Ling San Tsuen there is a fence on the right leading from the road up across the hill. I followed that until I found what appeared to be a trench heading north. That got me to the general area of the PB's. It was very overgrown at that time, I shudder to think what it might be like now. Good luck.

Hey there again, I know what road you are talking about since I live there however I am confused about the bit talking about the fence and the Northern houses, are those Northern houses Las Pinadas and if so, is it the fence at the notice board where the road splits in which one of the roads go to Mok Tse Che while the other goes to the Las Pinadas houses? Thanks.

You're stretching the memory now. It was the fence behind Las Pinadas, and was near a driveway of some description, probably into those houses. The notice board I don't remember. If the trench no longer remains, follow the crest of the ridge in the direction of Sai Kung i.e. away from the HKUST. The PB's are there somewhere in the vegetation, and are separated by short distance. It is unlikely you will see one from the other, so the fun is finding the second. Again, from distant memory, one looks down on Hirams Highway, the other more towards Sai Kung .

Thanks man,

I have an idea on where this fence is (I believe the big one down some flights of stone stairs opposite of the club house) and thanks for all your help.


Were you able to locate them in the end?

Any photos for us?

No I tried everything but I could not find it, very sorry

PB110ab.JPG, by ck89


PB110ab_2.JPG, by ck89


PB110ab_3.JPG, by ck89


PB110ab_4.JPG, by ck89


PB110ab_5.JPG, by ck89


PB110ab_6.JPG, by ck89


PB110ab_7.JPG, by ck89

Looks as though it might have been difficult getting to it. Which way did you go?

I went through the alley between house 1 of Celestial Villa and house F of Grandview Villa. Turned left and went up the hill. It was easy to reach now by following orange ribbons

Thanks for that detail. Doubt if I will be going back in the immediate future however.

Are the two not far from each other? 

How are they positioned?

If following ck89's route, the second PB is roughly 20 metres past the first, but positioned 90 degrees to the first. There was probably a tunnel from back to back of the two. The first faces - roughly - across Hirams Highway towards Chuk Kok, the second down Hirams Highway towards Marina Cove.

Very close

about 10m

You can keep following the orange ribbons to go down the hill heading towards Ta Ku Ling