Requesting interviews for HKU Project

Submitted by ruey_hku on Sun, 12/02/2012 - 18:10
Hi everyone,
I am graduate student of the journalist school at the University of Hong Kong. We find this website of local history fanatics to be really interesting. 
We are doing a feature story for a project that touches on people enthusiastic about learning and conserving local history. The fun and rewarding parts as well as the challenges in a modern economy and financial hub such as HK. 
We are actually looking for history enthusiasts to interview so pls drop me an email if you're agreeable. I would be most grateful.  
If possible, we can perhaps arrange a time between 30 Nov and 11 Dec, pls. 
Looking forward to anyone's favourable reply. 
Thx and best regards, 
Ruey (eikruey at gmail dot com)