Stone Hill PB 2, Stone Hill [1940- ]

Submitted by Rob on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 13:32
Current condition
Date completed

Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Intact
Date of last visit: Feb-1997
Ref: ROB-00691
Other: Buried

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I had a good look around the area of the marker for this pb today. There are a number of old concrete bases/platforms, but I couldn't find any sign of a buried pillbox. I note Rob last visited in 1997. I think since then some slope management work has been carried out, so maybe that covered all traces. On the other hand, I can't say for sure that one of the remaining concrete structures isn't the pb. 

I only found this one by luck, after stumbling around the remains of a squatter village. It had been almost completely buried, with only a small section of the front wall visible. I tried to dig my way in, but was defeated by debris and a closed loophole shutter. With all the work that has been going on in that area in recent years, there may be a lot of changes now. It is - roughly - 50 to 75 metres towards Repulse Bay from PB 1, on the same general level. They are not visible from each other.


I followed your instructions and had another look around today. The PB is still there.

Stone Hill PB 2

The give away is the section of pebble dashed wall above one of the loops. The roof of the PB seems to have acquired an additional layer of concrete, probably to turn it into a flat floor for a squatter hut. With other old concrete bases and structures all around, it's difficult to know what is part of the PB and what was added later. By now the only visible loop is almost filled up. I scraped the leaves and loose soil out and saw that its metal shutter is still shut.

As you said, it's on the same level as PB1. Probably the easiest way to find PB 2 is to start at PB 1. A concrete path runs along its front. Follow it until it comes to some concrete bases. PB 2 is a short distance further on the right. It's about 35 meters from PB 1 to PB 2. 

Thanks for the directions. It would have been impossible to find without them.

Unlikely. There are no known references to it being in action, and once the Japanese were on Stone Hill this PB would have been useless, as the loopholes face Stanley Bay.