20 Sep 1945, Barbara Anslow's diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

20 Sep 1945, Barbara Anslow's diary

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Thu, 20 Sep 1945

This morning before going to S. Court, I went to see Dick Maynard to make sure he had us down for as early as possible departure, then to work.

On arrival at F. Mission for tiffin, Nan (Grady) said 'Have you heard?  We're going on the 'Smiter' tomorrow.'  I thought she meant just for a social visit - but it means sailing!!!  Later, departure delayed to the 22nd, but I've left work, having handed over this afternoon to Grace Ezra, got away at 4pm.

Olive doesn't want to go on Smiter ((she was having too good a time these days!)) but will go.

Went shopping and had hair cut.

Clifton and parents are also down for this ship.