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24 Aug 1945, Barbara Anslow's diary

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Fri, 24 Aug 1945

Typhoon blowing up.

Flags of Allies are being made in workshop ready for raising ceremony, lamp posts and railing stanchions have already been converted into flag staffs.

Weather far too rough for sampans to come selling.  Much rain and wind, I hope that men don't come in from camps - dangerous: the conveyances are old and ricketty (and only one of the two that set off from here last night had lights, then only one solitary headlight.)
6.30pm. No lorries of troops came.

Started to type new story on Mr Fantham's typewriter, because feel the need of taking on a job which will be a fight against time in these days when time seems to go so slowly.

Maria Connolly has had bad news about her Mexican friends and relatives. H. Sequeira (whom I knew through ARP) was among those released from gaol yesterday.
The Peace is to be signed aboard U.S.'Missouri' and H.M.S. 'King George V'. 700 miles of sea have to be mine-swept first.

Bulletin says that arrangements are being made for surrender of Hong Kong to be taken by a British Commander and for a British administration to take over.

Also that S.S.Queen Mary; has arrived in New York with 1,000 U.S. prisoners ((presumably from Germany?)); and arrangements are ready at Manila to receive 35,000 pows from Japan.

Heard radio in Clifton's room - gramophone records from Radio (ZBW) Hong Kong!

((Apart from her diary, Barbara also wrote a longer piece today, titled "Is it really true?". She says:

You will see that 'Is it really true' was written on August 24th 1945, 6 days before Admiral Harcourt liberated us. Although I was still writing my diary then, I had this urge to record how things were during the period when we knew the war was over but had no contact with the outside world.

You can read the full text of "Is it really true?" at http://gwulo.com/node/28070.))