1 May 1945, Barbara Anslow's diary

Submitted by Barbara Anslow on Mon, 05/21/2012 - 12:18

Doreen (Leonard) and Joan (Wilkinson) came for shorthand.

Rations pretty grim. Daily baking allowed now, which helps oil situation.

Worked in afternoon, then to C.A. Meeting in Maria Connolly's room.  Mrs Nora Hillon and Elsie Bidwell have joined us.

Jean Martin's 5th birthday.  ((Mabel often took Jean and other tots for walks around the camp, and made clothes for Jean.))  Mrs. Deacon gave us a piece of Jean's cake.  ((Mrs Deacon was mother of Mrs Irene Braude who as well as looking after her own toddler Patricia, was guardian to Jean in camp.))

Play reading of younger girls' club in evening beside railings.

Rumour that Germany has surrendered unconditionally.

Newspaper says Mussolini has been assassinated.

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