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William James TUTCHER [1868-1920]

William James
c.1868-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
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c.1920-04-05 (Month, Day are approximate)

William James Tutcher (married to Elizabeth) was Superintendent of the Botanical Gardens in about 1910 and died 1920 buried in Happy Valley Cemetary. His wife Elizabeth was headmistress of Belilios School and died in Scotland in 1947. In 1920 they lived at number 1 Peak Road (now number 1 Old Peak Road we think). We are keen to know when they were married and whether in Hong Kong or the UK. They had no children.


Hi, The story of this gentleman's life formed part of a talk/presentation that I gave at the Who Do You Think You Are Live Event at Olympia in February.  I am giving the same talk again on November 3rd. 2012 for the Friends of the HK Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society in London.  

Many thanks to the appreciative audience who came to my talk at the RAS in London on 3rd. November.  It was wonderful being able to include personal family snippets about William - it was all I could do to hold the tears back at that point!

We came across this tonight and were so annoyed to see that we have missed your talk by a few days.  I am doing a one name study on the TUTCHER family.  Is it possible to see a copy of your talk we would be most interested.  I expect you are aware that his brother also spent time at Kew Gardens.  We have got this line of the Tutchers back to about 1760.  Happy to share information with you if you are interested.

Jennifer Pitt

Hello, I have an old telescope for sale which has two paper labels on it which are typed, 'W.J.Tutcher, Hongkong Civil Service'.

Birth 1868 Baptism 22 January 1868 Shirehampton St Mary Bristol

Death  1920 age 52 (from headstone)

Probate Records Death William James Tutcher of Victoria Hong Kong 5  April 1920 in Hong Kong

His wife was Elizabeth Aikman born 1863 Coldingham Berwickshire Scotland and buried in Duns Berwickshire. She died 20 April 1947 aged 83. Her husband is named on her grave stone.

Elizabeth Aikman married William James Tutcher  in Duns Berwickshire in 1891