Root tracing

Submitted by CMarklew on Sat, 04/28/2012 - 19:57

Hi I am new to this site and root tracing but I am trying to help my friend trace her blood relatives. She was born Mary Victoria Chan, 7th May 1949 at 2nd floor, 139 Wing Lok Street, Hong Kong. Her birth certificate lists her parents, father, Chan, Tin Cho and mother Yeung, Wai Chan. She was placed in the Ling Yeut Sin Infants Sanitarium where the Sister in Charge was Mother Giacomina Belottin. We think she left Hong Kong in 1940/50 and that is about the sum total we have on her birth and Chinese parents. She would love to be able to make contact with any of her family members and I would be grateful for any help or tips on how to try and trace them. Many thanks Caroline



Perhaps you could approach Caritas-Hong Kong at <> to see if they kept records of the Cannossian Ling Yuet Sin Infant Sanitorium at No. 54 Pok Fu Lam Road.  Caritas is now running Ling Yuet Sin as a kindergarten, hostel, and community service centre.  Until recently, the old building was still intact.  For your info, Caritas-HK is the official multi-social services branch of the local Catholic Diocese. 

There should also be record of her baptism at St. Anthony's Church, Pokfulum Road which is the parish of Sai Ying Pun.  However, Wing Lok Street may also come under the Cathedral parish at Caine Road.  The Catholic Diocese kept records of all baptism at the parish where it took place.

I believe the HK Red Cross also help trace people.


Thank you so much for all that information I will follow all those leads up. We have also contacted the HK Adoption Service and had a reply back yesterday to say they were looking into it too, so hopefully, one of us will find someone soon.

Thank you