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T-Lands Police Station

I am reading a 1960's novel set in HK. Reference is made to the police headquarters in Kowloon on the corner of Salisbury and Canton Rd, which is referred to as T-Lands Police Station. Does anyome have any info on the origin/meaning of this name?



I suspect that T-Land may have been the brevity code for the Marine Police Headquarters,Tsim Sha Tsui, when police launches and land stations communicated by morse code radio.



I think this was the name used in "soldier of fortune" referring to the Marine Police HQ, but where the name comes from I don't know.

I would have thought that the name is fictitious. It's from a novel, after all. There are to me some clues, fictitious or not. First the location was not where the police headquarters for Kowloon was. It probably was the Marine Police headquarters, if I remember correctly. The location is at Tsimshatsui where Salisbury and Canton Roads meets. So T-Land station is to me a station of the Marine Police on land at Tsimshatsui. That's my two cents.