4 Jan 1945, Barbara Anslow's diary

Submitted by Barbara Anslow on Thu, 04/19/2012 - 17:28

Redwoods' turn for passage.  ((The 26 residents of 'our' flat took turns in cleaning the communal passage and areas.   Big problem about a mother and toddler who lived in a curtained off part of the landing between first and second floors as to which passage she should clean!))

Bulletin on board says there are no indications that we shall get parcels.

Miss Olive Jeffery died at 4.30pm.  ((A Govt. nursing sister who was already a TB patient when our war started.))

Spent lovely afternoon outside Block 2 with Pat Lederhofer, Pat and Kristine Thoresen, Doreen Leonard and Tinneke Offenberg, reading plays with Sheila's help.

Captain Batty-Smith lectured (in our room) most interestingly on experiences in p.o.w. camp in Germany for almost 4 years in WWI.

Parcel ship supposed to leave Kobe.

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