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25 Dec 1944, Barbara Anslow's diary

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Mon, 25 Dec 1944

Stayed to 2 Masses.  Visited Leprosarium ((now our TB wards)).  They had a 'Christmas tree'.

Japs had sent flat duck in rations - hospital kitchen put out a terrific meal of beans, pumpkin, 'ragout of duck', greens, and a pudding with wong tong syrup. Married Quarters had pasties and rissoles.

Mr. Cochrane and son Graham visited us. ((Alexander Cochrane of HK Police was married to Ena Penney who had been a neighbour of ours in 1929 when we lived at 98 Kennedy Road.)) Graham was born in Stanley.

Gladys Johnson gave me a handkerchief, June Cheape a home-made calendar. Beryl Goldenberg gave me a nice card.