13 Dec 1942, Barbara Anslow's diary

Submitted by Barbara Anslow on Tue, 03/13/2012 - 17:29

Jist had fried galantine and tomato bread. 

Mrs Drown says it is going to be official that we can write cards to Shamshuipo men for Christmas and send a parcel.  She washed her pears in soapy water!

Mabel made sweet little slippers for Patricia Braude whose birthday is tomorrow.

Rumour that we have lost a new aircraft carrier in the Med.


My bed has been mended, and I have a paliasse made out of the parcel stuffing ((shredded paper: we didn't have mattresses on our beds))

Benediction in afternoon.

Miss Whale returned my story, she told Mum the story was of the selling sort. She gave me a list of grammatical errors and slang.

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