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Hoi Ha Village [????- ]

From: Friends of Hoi Ha

You may have heard that Hoi Ha SSSI and Marine Park is in even more desperate straits.  https://www.facebook.com/HoiHaHK

We urgently need to talk to historians, both social and architectural, about the original village of Hoi Ha (at the far end of Sai Kung Country Park).  Can you please put me in touch with anyone, who would know about the typical design of the original boulder cottage villages built by the Hakkas when they first populated rural coastal areas.

We have photos of the derelict village as it is now – (we have managed to buy some of the land and own some walls so it is possible to have a site visit).

The original walls are stall standing – this was a line of terraced boulder cottages either side of a central communal courtyard with a look-out tower in one corner

The original footings are still visible – it is possible to measure the size of each cottage.

We have until 16 March 2012 to object to the development of the original village by a developer, just 10 metres from Hoi Ha SSSI and Marine Park.

Friends of Hoi Ha

Photos that show this place



Anyone have any info for the Friends of Hoi Ha ?

Sino Land withdrew the application for 2 houses.  Several others have been approved - but not clear how since the EPD does not allow new sewage in an area of Special Scientifc Interest - SSI.

The Newberries had bought the land that has two of the original village walls  - and the courtyard is still on the adjacent property.