6 Sep 1942, Barbara Anslow's diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

6 Sep 1942, Barbara Anslow's diary

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Sun, 6 Sep 1942

Mabel had been saving her bread slice for afternoon when she and friends were going to have a picnic.  She said she felt sick and dizzy in church.  Later on in morning, she flopped down in the room, it turned my heart over.  Dr Tomlinson came and said it was only through not eating things; but now the lids have been taken off the Bovril and Vitamalt ((our iron ratons)) just as well to have it inside us, I suppose.  How dreadful that Mabel should faint from hunger. 

Wrote small poem:-

'Give us this day our daily bread
And take from us our daily dread
That we and ours may not be fed,
Nor stumble weakly on the bed
And faint, because of lack of bread.'

No lights in evening – blackout for about a week expected.


Probably Dr. Sterling Tomlinson. Appointed medical doctor in 1939 and Justice of the Peace in 1941.