Garden Terrace 1977

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 21:11
Date picture taken


I hope I am not having a senior moment, but is not the construction on the right of the photo Estoril Court. If this is the case I believe the photo would have to be earlier then 1977.

Hi fivestar, I think the construction on the right is for the flyover that's there now. That would appear to date it in 1977, according to the legco records:

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC WORKS: In the case of the Garden Road/Magazine Gap Road Flyover the contract period was specified as fifteen months commencing on 1 September 1976 with completion on 30 November 1977. Liquidated damages were stipulated in the contract documents at $1,800 per day. No bonus clause was included.
The project is now expected to be completed in April i.e. about five months behind the original contract completion date although I should point out that the late completion is due in part to delays caused by unforeseen utility diversions. (feb 1978)

compare with similar view today: