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Alias / nickname Given Family Sort descending Maiden DoB DoD Sex
Mary Ann Dinnen Killah Female
Young Sing ? ? Male
BAAG No. 579 / 'Another' ? Unknown
Francis ? Male
BAAG No. 95 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 580 ? Unknown
Betty ? Female
BAAG No. 96 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 591 ? Unknown
Rita ? Female
BAAG No. 30 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 31 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 101 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 1066 / Capt. George Jack Norman ? Unknown
C ? ? Unknown
BAAG No. 32 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 102 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 66 Benjamin ? Unknown
BAAG No. 33 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 103 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 121 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 104 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 69 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 122 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 124 ? Unknown
Jack ? Male
BAAG No. 38 ? Unknown
Win ? Unknown
BAAG No. 39 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 114 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 210 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 61 ? ? Male
BAAG No. 72 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 301 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 303 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 305 ? Unknown
Hok Choy / Black Boy ? ? Male
BAAG No. 3 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 306 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 307 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 6 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 8 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 502 / Saboteur No 1 / King ? Unknown
Young Chen ? ? Male
BAAG No. 509 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 97 ? ? Male
BAAG No. 52.i ? Unknown
BAAG No. 11 ? Unknown
E Eve ? Female
BAAG No. 98 ? ? Male
BAAG No. 53.i ? Unknown
BAAG No. 512 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 16 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 513 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 54.i ? Unknown
BAAG No. 18 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 516 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 20 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 89 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 55.i ? Unknown
Beatrice Violet ? Hutchinson Female
Ol / O Olive ? Female
BAAG No. 23 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 90 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 24 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 92 ? Unknown
Thomas ? ? Male
BAAG No. 93 ? Unknown
BAAG No. 568 ? Unknown
Hazel ??? Harris Female
Josephine Rizal Josephine Abad Bracken Female
Abdoolhoosen Abdul Hussein Abdoolrahim Male
Peter Abesser Male
Leung Wai Ting Mary Ablong Leung Female
Alfred Ernest Ablong Male
Alfred Ernest Ablong Male
John Aiguo Bo Long John Ablong Male
Emma Ablong Ah Kin Female
Mabel Agnes Elizabeth Ablong Cotton Female
Constance Doreen Ablong Male
Louisa Grace Ablong Female
Reginald Sydney Ablong Male
Markus Ablong Male
Percy Fredrick Ablong Male
George Ablong Male
Arthur John Ablong Male
Josef / Jozef / Joszef Abraham Abosh / Abosch Male
Abraham Eleazer Abraham Male
Anna Abraham Mackenzie Female
Ezra Abraham Male
Joe Joseph Abraham Male
Reuben Abraham Male
Elsie Abraham Kennedy Female
William Henry Adams Male
J M Adams Female
Josiah Logan Adams Male
Robin Adshead Male
Lucile Ady Female
Merrill Steele Ady Male
Don Ady Male
Agafuroff Male
Jo Ah Kin George Ah Kin Male
Mary Ann Ah Kin Higgins Female
BAAG No. 42 Ah Mui Unknown
Chin Heen Ah Teuck Male
Ah-Ding Female
Bill William Vincent Ahern Male
Mohamed Ahsan Male
George Emanuel Ahwee Male
Albert Chin Ahwee Male
Albert Ahwee Male
Maude Kathleen Ahwee Kew Female
Henry William Ahwee Male
Tang Daogeng (汤道耕) Ai Wu (艾芜) Male
Ernest James Ainslie Male
Edith Carlotta Ainslie / Gegg Johnson-Lee Female
Shiona Airlie Female
Henriette Charlotte E Aitken Female
Eddie Edward Aitken Male
Chaloner Grenville Alabaster Male
Florence Agnes Alder Neave Female
Roland Maitland Alderton Male
"Brother Paul" Paul Douglas Alderton D.S.C. Male
William Lodge Alexander Male
BAAG No. 47 Alim Din Male
David Albert Goldhill Alison Male
Alexander Bruce Allan Male
Allen Female
Patricia-Anne Daphne Allen Ablong Female
Charlie Charles Alexander Allen Male
Florence Clara Allison Jones Female
Allison Male
Norwood Francis Allman Male
Arthur John Alsey Male
Joseph Wright Alsop Male
William Herbert Alton Male
Alfred Victor Jorge Alvares Male
Joseph Stuart Anderson Male
George Anderson Male
Andy William John Anderson Male
Donald James Neville Anderson Male
James Leslie Anderson Male
Johnny Anderson Male
Inez Nena Anderson Ferreira Female
Bill William Anderson Male
Carl Charles Graham Anderson Male
William Anderson Male
Alice Virgina Clara Anderson Female
Birger Owrum Andresen Male
Gladys Andrew Collard Female
George Leslie Andrew Male
Lancelot Ruggles Andrewes Male
Larry Lancelot Ruggles Andrewes Male
Evelyn Mary Andrews Murray Female
Charles Frederick Andrews Male
Ida Florence Andrews-Levinge Levinge Female
Peter Angus Male
Maria Suzanne Angus Renkin Female
Matilda Angus Macaulay Female
Ginger Herbert Alexander Angus Male
Frank Angus Male
Hilda Angus Female
George Ian Angus Male
M A Annett Male
Mateen Ahmed Ansari Male
Frank Percy Anslow Male
Rose Christina Anslow Sheridan Female
Barbara Anslow Redwood Female
Frank / Golly Francis Joseph Anslow Male
Elizabeth Anstall Female
John Anton-Smith Male
Arratoon Vertannes Apcar Male
Frederick George Appleton Male
Philip Appleyard Male
Olga Archangelsky Female
Frank / Tubby Fakir Mohammed Arculli Male
Doc Hassan el Arculli Male
Lewis Charles Arlington Male
Francis Harold Armstrong Male
Margaret Ethel Armstrong Broadhurst Female
Wix / Nipper Charles Douglas Armstrong Male
Dinnie Diana Joyce Armstrong Dodwell Female
Bridget Ann Armstrong Female
John Robin Charles Armstrong Male
Jack Harold John Armstrong Male
Dorothy Muriel Armstrong / Blackstone / Carpenter Holyoak Female
Vera Joan Armstrong / Dalziel Thwaites Female
Dora Armstrong / Glanville Humphreys Female
Thomas Arnold Male
John Arnold Male
Joseph Edward Artingstoll Male
Herbert Louis N Ascough Male
Ashby Female
Robert James Ashby Male
Ron Ashby Male
Frank Richard Ashton Male
Ruth Emily Ashton-Hill Audsley Female
Francis Rubin Aslett Male
Betty Elizabeth Aslett Female
Elizabeth Marie Aslett Osborne Female
Edna Atkins Female
Frederick Charles Atkinson Male
Paul Atroshenko Male
John Ivan Atroshenko Male
Tonia Atroshenko Female
Viacheslav Ivanovich Atroshenko Male
BAAG No. 1069 (?) Ping-wah Au Unknown
BAAG No. 2 / 歐輝 Fai Au Unknown
Au Fai, Au Yin Fei Male
George William Avenell Male
William Edmund Awcock Male
Gladys May Aylward Female
Alison Ayres Ayres Female
Phyllis Alsager Ayrton Female
Ellen Louisa Ayrton McClatchie Female
B. de C. Mills Female
Karel (K.J.) Baggerman Male
Theo John Theophilus Bagram Male
Gladys Lillian Bagram Stone Female
Katu Bai Rana Male
Steven K. Bailey Male
Peggy Margaret Lilian Bailey Flynn Female
Charles Toms Bailey Male
Lucy Maud Baird Female
Eliza Jane Baker Female
Ruth Baker Sewell Female
Alice Adeline Baldwin Walsh Female
Isabel Balean Terrell Female
Hermann Balean Male
Stephen Francis Balfour Male
Francis Leslie Ball Male
James Dyer Ball Male
Norman Dyer Ball Male
Arthur Dyer Ball Male
Amy Alice Bander Female
Samuel Mitchel Bander Male
Mary Stella Bander Female
Stanley Martin Banfill Male
Ah Woo Ah Hoo Banker Female
Mansie Mansfield Forrester Genevieve Banker Thorburn Female
George Banker Male
Norman Charles Barber Male
Thomas Charles Barclay Male
Solly Solomon Bard Male
Samuel Barff Male
Walter Daniel Barker Male
H T Barma Male
Charles Edward Barman Male
Frank Henry / Francisco Henrique / Franciscus Henrique Francis Henry Barnes Male
Robert Joseph Barnes Male
Jimmy James Ivor Barnes Male
John Barnet Male
John Pierce Barnett Male
Ethel B Barron Female
James Forman Barron Male
Norman Frank Barron-Sullivan Male
John Edward Barrow Male
Katherine Ellinor Barrow Female
Oriana Elizabeth Barrow Female
Frederick Charles Barry Male
William Latham Bartley Male
Peggy Margaret Barton Female
Daniel Joseph Barton Male
John Anthony Barton Male
Terence St John Barton Male
Esther Maria Barton Xavier Female
Leo Michael F Barton Male
Lance Lancelot Alexander Barton Male
Alfred Barton Male
Jacqueline Ann Barton Female
Alec Charles Barton Male
Rosemary Angela Barton Female
Alan Harold Barwell Male
Nora Winifred Bascombe Female
Oscar V W R Basham Male
Ahmed Basher Male
A. Bashier Male
Joyce McCoan Bassett Thornhill Female
Josephine Bassett Female
Basto Male
Maude Elizabeth Basto White Female
Charles Henry Carlos Henrique de Senna Fernandes de Castro Basto Male
Olga Bateman Female
Carol / Caroline Lily Carolyn Bateman / Howell King Female
Bob Robert Alfred Bates Male
Edith Batley Female
Delores Olive Batley Female
Ah Li / Mary Batley Female
Alfred William Batley / Battley Male
Sydney Harry Batty-Smith Male
Norman Lee Baugh Male
Les Robert Leslie Bauld Male
Charles William Baxter Male
Frances Sinnickson Baynes Reilly Female
Charles Baysting Male
Montague Beart Male
Amelia Frances Beattie Frow Female
Sister St. Philippe Annette Beaudoin Male
Virginia Beaumont Female
R P Beaver Male
Jill Elinor Mary Beavis Female
M T Bebbington Female
John Bechtel Male
John Bechtel Male
Ejnar Jacobsen BAK Ernest Jacobsen Beck Male
Marion Beck Female
Josephine Beck Sullivan Female
Cecil Beck Male
Desmond Beck Male
Doris Beck Male
Pauline Beck Female
Herbert Howell Beddow Male
Ralph Stockman Begbie Male
Dora Marjory Begdon Dixon Female
Stewart Duncan Begg Male
Joan Begg Armstrong Female
Jimmy Eileen Margaret Begg Cumming Female
C K H Begley Male
Nicholas Belanovsky Male
Emanuel Raphael Belilios Male
Theodore Leslie Bell Male
Mamie Mary Lang Bell Wallace Female
Dinger Gordon John Bell Male
Bertie Robert Barr Bell Male
Leonard Charles Fenton Bellamy Male
Jimmy James Albert Bendall Male
Lewin Arthur Benn Male
The American Hero of Hong Kong Chester Bennett Male
Elsa Maria DeLourdes Bennett Soares Female
Frederick Harold Benning Male
Vincent Malborn Benwell Male
James Munro Bertram Male
Agnes Amanda Nina Berzin Female
Bill / Billy W H J Bethell Male
Alfred Bethell Male
Cecilia Maria Leonor Bethell Noronha Female
Michael Lee Bevan Male
"Mrs Archibald Little" Alicia Helen Neve Bewicke Female
Bea Beatrice May Bicheno Female
Max Bickerton Male
Bicky Bernard Ian Bickford Male
George Robert Bickley Male
Ken Kenneth Bidmead Male
Harold Denison Bidwell Male
Elsie Jean Bidwell Lammert Female
Raoul Bigazzi Male
Albert Billingham Male
Lewis Rhodes Billinghurst Male
Olive Billrt Female
Thomas Alfred Binks Male
Alice Eveline Binks Peake Female
Biotteau Male
Charles / Birdie Charlotte Mabel Bird May Female
Les Bird Male
Sydney Frank Bishop Male
Alec Alexander Wylie Black Male
Mary Black Taggart Female
George Duncan Ralph Black Male
Anna Lilian Black Langstein Female
Ah-Chung Wu Chung Tai Blackburn Unknown
Arthur Dickinson Blackburn Male
Isabelle Blackburn Female
Ernest W Blackmore Male
Blackmore Female
Mabel Evelyn Blair Female
Kenneth George Blair Male
Cecil Stanhope Blair Hickman Male
Mary Blake Lyons Female
John Johnston Blake Male
Harry Charles Henry Blake Male
Cyril Chamberlain Blake Male
Molly Mary Blake Female
Denis Henry Blake Male
Henry Arthur Blake Male
William Charles Blake Male
Williamina Rodger Cochrane Blake Female
William George Blake Male
Cedric Blaker Male
白連 Douglas Roland Bland Male
Ronnie Veronica Joyce Bland Walker Female
Arthur William Bliss Male
Zus Maria Wilhelmina Blumenthal Koens Female
Leon Blumenthal Male
Edmund Charles Blunden Male
John Blyth Male
Ken Kenneth Farmer Bodie Male
Boesterd Unknown
Eric Ainsley Bompas Male
Margaret Anne Bond Female
Charles Bond Male
Alice Amelia Bond Female
Charles Bond Male
Margaret Anne Bond Female
Davie David Boyd McKenzie Bone Male
Julia Bonner Female
Tom Horace William Bonner Male
Raquel Bonner / Worral de Cheong Female
Louis Bonnici Male
Neville John Booker Male
Daisy Booker Stubbs Female
Frederick Edward Evelyn Booker Male
George Arthur William Boole Male
Cecil Boon Male
Herbert de Vere Campbell Booten Male
Willliam Booth Male
Charles A Boreham / Borham Male
Leo Anatholy Borisoff / Sterling Male
Antony Anthonij Bosje Male
Charles Henri Maurice Bosman Male
Julio Cecilio Maria de Souza Botelho Male
Colonel Botelho Henrique Alberto de Barros Botelho Male
Charles David Bottomley Male
Jack John Hubert Bottomley Male
David Bottomley Male
Corrine Nina Bottomley Ellery Female
Aitchison Margarite Boulton Female
George Boulton Male
Edward Bourke Male
Al Alvah Weyland Jr Bourne Male
Jock / Ossie Osmund Frederick Bower Male
John Bowring Male
Charles Ralph Boxer Male
S V Boxer Male
Donald John Boyd Male
George Thomas Henry Boyes Male
Bertram Walter Bradbury Male
Frederick William Bradley Male
Jean Pauline Braga Female
John Braga Male
Carrie Caroline Mary Braga Female
Jack José Maria Braga Male
JP José Pedro Braga Male
Olive Pauline Braga Pollard Female
Arthur Brailsford Male
George Thomas Braine Male
Charles Joseph Braine Male
Grazeiella Howard Braithwaite Female
Chuck Harry Olver Bramble Male
Kathrine Brameld Female
Emile J. Brandt Male
David Vladimirovich Brasilevsky Male
Edward Davidovich Brasilevsky Male
George Brass Male
Irene Maude Selina Braudé Deacon Female
Arthur Nathaniel Braudé Male
Patricia Irene Braudé - Vodvarka Braudé Female
Denis Bray Male
Arthur Henry Bray Male
Marjorie Elizabeth Bray Bottomley Female
Thomas Brayfield Male
Dorothy Brazier Female
John Alexander Bremner Male
Alexander Andrew Bremner Male
M B S Bremner Female
Alexander George Brenchley Male
Laura Frances Brereton Female
William Henry Brereton Male
Vera Nellie Brett Female
William Thomas Bridges Male
Norman H. Briggs Male
Ester Celeste Britto Carvalho Female
Janet Broadbridge Female
Ragnar Brodersen Male
William Brodie Male
Ron Roland Henry John Brooks Male
Emily Kate Brooks Francis Female
Henry Tom BROOKS Male
Helene Marie Brooks Caudron Female
Edward Stanley Brooks Male
John McCallum Broom Male
George Vincent Broom Male
Muriel Wilfred Brown Female
Lord Roberts Brown Male
Wenzell Brown Male
John Cedric Brown Male
Donny Donald Brown Male
Frank Leader Brown Male
Pat Brown Male
W N Brown Male
Neilage Sharp Brown Male
Harold Wilson Brown Male
Walter Brown Male
Arthur Brown Male
Annette Brown Female
Jack John William Macintyre Brown Male
Andrew Walton Brown Male
Topper Samuel Brown Male
Cyril Brown Male
Constance Una Brown / Burfitt Mitchell Female
Charles William Browne Male
Bunny Horace Wilfred Browne Male
Elizabeth Jane Brownell Female
Maisie Mary Stobie Bruce Female
W Bruce Male
Eve Evelyn Stokes Bruce Woolley Female
Phillip Bruce Male
Lizzy Louise Helen Bruhn Petersen Female
George Kingston Hall Brutton Male
Charles James Bryant Male
Louie Louisa Jane Bryer Bryer Female
Alfred Bryer Male
George Buchanan Male
William Buchanan Male
Buckie Elvina Marie Rose Buckland Female
Harry Henry Easthope Budden Male
Maggie Budden Olding Female
Gilbert Easthope Budden Male
Frederick Bunje Male
Frank James Francis Burford Male
A N D Burgess Male
Claude Bramall Burgess Male
Edward George Burke Male
Alison Margaret Alison Campbell Burkitt Black Female
George Andrew Burn Male
Stanford Burn Male
Gordon Cade Burnett Male
Mary Dorothy Burns Batley Female
Olive Bertha Burt Female
Christopher John Burt Male
Lewis William Bush Male
James Daniel Bush Male
Albert Edward Bush Male
Kane Kaneko Bush Female
Reginald Charles Butler Male
Harry Henry Robert Butters Male
Rene Auguste Button Male
Lorenz August Buuck Male
Leonard Buuck Male
Bobby Buuck Male
Ella Buuck Female
Alberta Buxton Female
Barney John Bernard Patrick Byrne Male
Ethel Byrne Female
George Thomas Byrne Male
Brian Byrne Male
Lily Caer-Clarke Female
William Caine Male
Henry Charles Caldwell Male
Daniel Richard Francis Caldwell Male
Daniel Caldwell Male
Daniel Edmund Caldwell Male
Jeremiah Thomas Fitzgerald Callaghan Male
Moira Cameron Female
Christine / Christina Cameron Female
John James Cameron Male
James Cameron Male
David Cameron Male
Muriel Cameron Smith Female
Bill William James Dewar Cameron Male
J H Cameron Male
Reginald Albert Camidge Male
Richard Charles Henry Cammiade Male
Eugene Cammiade Male
Lois Campbell Robbins Female
Sylvia Helen Gibb Campbell Franklin Female
A O S Campbell Female
James MacKenzie Campbell Male
Campbell Male
Gustav C Canaval Male
Helen L Canaval Female
Herbert Canton Male
Violet Helen Capell Female
Christine Cappio Female
Maureen Carew Female
Albert Edward Carey Male
Hugh Fletcher Carmichael Male
John Richard Carr Male
Sammy Cecil Carr Male
T. Carr Unknown
William James Carrie Male
Rose Carroll Rosinada Female
E Carruthers Female
Michael George Carruthers Male
Maureen Dorothea Carruthers Booker Female
Barbara Carter Female
Rachel Cartland Female
Barbara Beatrice Cartwright Female
Flo Florence D. Cartwright Female
Gerard Hugh Casey Male
Audrey Joan Casey Barton Female
Albert Iveson Cash Male
Tom Thomas Cashman Male
Thomas Cashman Male
M J Cassidy Female
Philip Stanley Cassidy Male
Castilho Male
Gordon Castle Male
Sally Sarah Castle Staley Female
Sonny Castro Ferdinand Maria Castro Male
Alberto Eduardo Hendrickson Castro Male
Nellie Helena Castro Foegal Female
Jack Cater Male
Maurice Kleber Emile Marceau Caudron Male
George William Hunter Cautherley Male
Dorothy A Cautherley Campbell Female
George Hunter Cautherley Male
Tim Cavendish-Boulton Male
Dorothy Cavill Female
Ho Ka Chak Male
BAAG No. 45 (?) Ho-ka Chak Unknown
Harry Chalcroft Male
Joan Challinor Female
Isaac Chalmers Male
James Calder Chalmers Male
C Champlin Male
Wai Fan Chan Male
劉松梯 / Lucy CHIN Chung Tai Chan Lau Female
陳炳勳 Ping-fun Chan Male
King Chan Male
BAAG No. 59 Fai-wan Chan Unknown
The Boat Lady Ethel Chan Groce Female
BAAG No. 17 Sau-Tak Chan Male
L? Chan Female
BAAG No. 22 Chiu-Fan Chan Male
BAAG No. 77 Kwok-Kwong Chan Male
Cheung Yu Chan Male
BAAG No. 25 / 陳養 Yeung Chan Male
BAAG No. 112 / CHAN Wai-Shui Kai Chan Male
Fei / Philip Chan Male
Cheung Yiu Chan Male
Kam Yuen Chan Male
BAAG No. 76.i Yuk Chan Unknown
Wong Chan Shi / 陳奉揚 / 王陳氏 Feng-yang Chan Female
陳榮照 Wing Chiu Chan Male
Cho Kit Chan Male
Hung Chiu Chan Male
King Chan Male
Cho Kit Chan Male
"Dare to die". BAAG Agent #77. Kwok Kwong Chan Male
BAAG No. 510 Sau-tak Chan Unknown
SJ Sui-jeung Chan Male
CHAN Kwong Kee, Andrew Chanduloy Andrew Chan Male
BAAG No. 88 / 陳漢基 Hon-kee Chan Unknown
Hung-chiu Chan Male
Oswald Chan Male
BAAG No. 56.ii Wai-fan Chan Unknown
Cheung-yu Chan Male
Chan Chak Male
Ping Fan Chan/Chen Male
Sin Chuen Chan/Chen Male
Cleveland Elroy John Changyit Male
Frank Edward Channing Male
Joseph Frederick Channing