Ladies Recreation Club (LRC) - IL 898 [1883- ]

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Chapter 1

"Before the LRC"
  1883 - 1890

Hong Kong from the Northern Fort

1879 - View of Hong Kong from the North Fort, Lei Yu Mun
by Constance Gordon Cummings -  original eBook

The New Territories had not yet become part of Hong Kong, There was no Peak Tram, no tram of any kind. Transport was by sedan chair, though "jinrickshaws" had recently been introduced from Japan. There were no sewers and the Sanitary Board was just being established.

Class distinction among the foreign community was very keen. In the Chinese community, the culture was such that ladies of the wealthier classes (as opposed to the working class) did not leave their own homes except, occasionally, to visit relatives. Many Chinese ladies had bound feet, and they certainly did not “take exercise”.  

The Cricket Ground, and the Race Course were reserved for the exclusive use of the gentlemen of the colony.
This prompted the European and American ladies of Hong Kong to search for a suitable place where they could play croquet, tennis and other sports suitable for western ladies ... and also to meet the need of ladies to have a Club set aside for their exclusive use and that of their families, to take exercise to improve their health.

Inside Government, Mr. William Marsh, the acting Governor commented

"For some years past [ the ladies ] have been endeavouring to find a piece of ground for this purpose but owing to the high value of all land that was suitable for building purposes they have been unable to succeed. At the suggestion of the Surveyor General they applied recently for a piece of ground outside the town, nearly half way up the hill and in a position that was not desirable for building purposes."

1889 Map LRC
The Peak with LRC
LRC bottom right

End of Chapter 1


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