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Tom Hutchinson's War Diary - Page 20


30/9/43 - (Rec'd ¥2.80 for Mags.)
              - Paid Chu ¥300 plus ¥200 for.....put into his firm as loan 5%....p.W
4/10/43 - Bea paid ¥4.50 for 5 ((catties)) flour
             - Paid Gas   9.78
7th Oct. - Rickshaw   1.20 

Supporting information:

The British Army Aid Group receives a message from internee Geoffrey Wilson, the former Assistant Superintendent of Police for the New Territories. Wilson is replying to a letter sent on June 21 to Walter Scott ('S.') who's been arrested, and his message was sent out of camp through the Indian guards:

There's a party of six of us here, all of similar qualifications to writer, ready and determined to get away as soon as we hear from you.

Wilson and the other policemen (presumably) are all desperate to escape so as to contribute to the war effort, and he points out that after the repatriation of the women and children, which he believes will take place at the end of November, they will all be physically weaker, and, as the camp will consist almost entirely of men, it will be more carefully guarded - perhaps the inmates will even be transferred to another camp. He also suggests that after the repatriation there will be 'irresponsible' escapes of people who have little to contribute to the war effort, and that once the first such party goes, it will be impossible for the rest to follow because of heightened security.

He also notes that Scott didn't receive previous BAAG communications, and their interception might have been the reason for his arrest, so he urges the organisation to send nothing but the final escape instructions and not to use the initials of anyone in camp.


Dr Harry Talbot and banker E. P. Streatfield finish their sentence for attempted money smuggling and are released into camp. This is the first time that Streatfield, one of the bankers kept in town to help dissolve their banks, has lived in the camp.


Wilson: Waichow Intelligence Summary, No. 49, sheet 2

Talbot and Streatfield: M. L. Bevan Diary, entry for September 30, 1943

Talbot & Streatfield released from gaol

Light music (Heath, Jenner, P. & M. Beck, Anderson, Whyte, R?, Dollshop, (p. by Peggy Hunter)


((Following text not dated:))

Several days alarms at end of month, but no excitement.

Painted initials for Rita. ((Who is Rita?))

Rations by lorry again.

Choir practice in Quarry 1PM.

Allowance arrived.

Dr Mrs Carnaval to town. Dr Talbot from gaol to Camp Hosp.

Good news re food in Teia-Maru.

Talk with Steve pm. E there too.

Posted card to Marj.

Read a couple of good books this month.