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Mrs 'X' wanting the sink removed from our kitchen; committee being asked about it tonight, we sent in a protest - almost all the block.

Miss Ellis ((Leontine))  - from St. Theresa's - died this morning.

So tired and sunburnt, afternoon off, spent it at the beach.  Olive started to have a week's holiday, Norah Witchell taking her place for the time being. ((Post war Norah Married HK policeman Stutchbury. She was murdered in Malaya during the troubles there.))

Our 12th anniversary, but Bobby didn’t feel well all day. The weather is very hot and stuffy. Everybody is all in. I had to stay with Bobby so couldn’t have a treat with the gang.

Death of Miss Leontine Ellis (48)


((MacNider makes a mistake here - Ms Ellis was with the VADs, not the ANS.))

Solomon Isles in our favour & India has signed a pact with Britain in conjunction  with America re her independence after the war?

Miss Ellis, Jew, V.A.D. buried tonight.