#5-7 Ki Lung Street, Mongkok [????- ]

Submitted by tngan on Fri, 09/26/2008 - 23:17
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OldTimer (not verified)
Fri, 09/26/2008 - 23:35

I hope some locals can pose a photo here. I grew up two blocks away, Number 111 to be exact.
It was one of these units, one floor above street level, where I frequently visited my friend who made bird cages and sold birds for a living 5 decades ago.

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I thrown in the last batch after a walk by after work around Kowloon City, Mongkok & Yaumati.  It's too dark to have good pictures anyway.  Maybe next time, on a weekend.

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Thank you tngan. This shop house (3rd floor)was where I grew up. These buildings were built in mid-1960 but I have already left HK. The present shop sells fabrics when before they made tin boxes for cookies. To the left was a bicycle/welding shop, and on the right a candy store and a print shop (back half). And further away were ... Many memories, many... Hope I can relive them when I return next year.

Current (2022) Google street view indicates these four units are to be demolished to make way for a high rise.  Thus, my final good bye to the old place (#5, Level 2 above the retail shop) where my bird-friend lived and made bird cages for a living.  Seniors my generation living in this part of Sham Shui Po in the early 1960s  may remember him - they called him 豆 皮 老 (not considered an insult in those days).  OldTimer