Kimberley Villas [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

From the 1901 Map

On (K) I.L. 535

Kimberley Road originally curved to the north just west of the junction with Carnarvon Road, joining Nathan Road where Observatory Road joins. It was straightened to its current alignment c1910

Photos that show this Place


The 1896 map shows Kimberley Villas as a single building on KIL 535, with lots 533, 534, and 541 around it:…

On the 1920 map, lots 535 and 541 have been merged into KIL 535, and lots 533 and 534 have been merged into KIL 533. The original building is still on KIL 535, and there's a new building on KIL533:…

Moddsey notes: 

According to the 1938 Street Index at: 1938 Street Index page 243 (image 447) Kimberley Villas was on K.I.L. 533 and 535

A search for Kimberley Villas shows several addresses with numbers 3 & 4.

I believe the two buildings were collectively known as Kimberley Villas, with the older building being numbers 1 & 2, and the newer building numbers 3 & 4.