Roadside A.H. Marker Stone at the boundary of former Euston [????- ]

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Annemarie Evans kindly mentioned this stone on her Hong Kong Heritage show, and asked if any readers knew what the "AH" stood for. She also posted the question on Facebook, where  one commenter suggested that it stands for "Admiralty House".

Has anyone seen any mention of the Royal Navy having accommodation on Bonham Road? 

Several readers have suggested the letters AH stand for "Alice Hospital". There were several hospitals named Alice-something Hospital over the years, but none of them look close enough to the marker stone to be connected with it.

Here's a map of the area (it uses a map from 1905):

"AH" stone and the Alice Ho Hospitals: map of locations
"AH" stone and the Alice Ho Hospitals: map of locations, by Admin

In 1887 the Alice Memorial Hospital opened on Hollywood Road, at location A, see

In 1891, the LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY INCORPORATION ORDINANCE noted that the London Missionary Society (LMS) owned "The piece or parcel of ground situate lying and being within this Colony and registered in the Land Office as the Remaining Portion of Inland Lot No.590". I've highlighted that land in green on the map above, at location B.

Several hospitals and medical buildings were built on the LMS land, including:

Eventually they were combined and known as the Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital. In 1993 they left the Inland Lot No. 590 site on Bonham Road and moved to Chai Wan. In 1997 they moved again to Tai Po. Source: 

The AH marker stone is at location C on the map. I believe it is too far away from locations A and B to be connected with them.