Where were Half Hour Pass and Nam Fung Tao?

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 Colin McEwan's diary entry for 9 Dec 1941 mentions these two places, but I don't recognise the names:

Other four, Teesdale, Holmes, Day and Gardner were to accompany us as far as Half Hour Pass, thence to Nam Fung Tao to collect the remainder of the gear including the radio.

Setting off just at dusk, we made good time down the trail to a point just below Half Hour Pass where we split ways – the others moving off to Nam Fung Tao.

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Mr McEwan mentioned "we had our first view of the enemy as they came over Lead Mine Pass to Grassy Hill ".  I suspect it would be related to the Gin Drinkers Line.  If we could find out exactly where was the Royal Scots HQ maybe we could have a bit more clues.


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Nam Fong To is on the eastern side of Tao Mo Shan, over looking Lead Mine Pass of sort.  According to this blog it is an abandoned village along a foot path running from the Mac (down slope to Lead Mine Pass) towards Chuen Lung before reaching the Tai Shing stream.

I believe I may have walked past it quite a few years ago without knowing about its name back then.  There are tracing of accomodation, but not as clear cut abandoned as those in Sheung Tong.

Another blog of elder hikers also showed the possible photos of the location.

Maybe we should earmark it for another outing sometime?