Ginger factory, Kowloon [c.1894- ]

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Located on K.I.L. 49, at the corner of Temple St and Nanking St, Kowloon (see 1896 & 1920 Kowloon Maps)


I am very keen to learn more about Ginger factories of this era. My Maternal Great Grandfather Wong Oi-chau 黃靄洲was said to be a King of Candy Ginger production in Hong Kong & Canton. His company in HK was named Man Loong 萬隆糖薑 . His main shops were in Canton Sup Pat Po 十八舖. His home was in Punyu. Family stories had it that he was a philanthropist in Hong Kong and Canton. Some of his daughters were certainly actively involved with the charitable works of the American and Canadian Catholic nuns in Canton. I am trying to learn more about his stories. Lawrence

Hi Lawrence,

As I think you already know, there is quite a lot of information available on the Industry History of HK website about the ginger factories and industry in the region (

Best of luck in finding some more information about your family's role in the industry - perhaps someone else on Gwulo will know more.

Regards, Liz