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My father flew out to HK in January 1952 to teach at King's College.  He spent his entire working life in education in HK at different schools.  After King’s College, he was Geography master at Queen’s college,  then an Education Department Geography Inspector and then back at King’ College as Acting Principal.  He was also Acting Head of KGV, also Jockey Club Technical School and then Principal of Shau Ki Wan Government Technical School.  For his last ten years in HK, he was Principal of Kowloon Technical School.

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I was a student of the Shaukeiwan Technical School.  I was in Form 2 or 3 when Mr. Peter Halliwell came to be the school Principal in 1966 (and so you can guess my age).  I left in 1969 after completing Form 5.  The school was opened in 1963 and so there was still no upper form classes before your father left in 1970.  

Your father had done a lot to the school which all the students appreciated with great thanks. I still keep an e-photo of your father,  but I think it may not be suitable to put in here without permission.  I have more to say on private email if you have time and interest, but will it be disallowed ?

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Please note that my father's name is Halliwell and not Halliday.  It must have transcribed it incorrectly when I originally posted is flight blog from the UK to Hong Kong.


Clare Taylor

Passenger List Birkenhead to Hong Kong December 1956 (Ancestry Passenger Lists)

Peter R  Halliwell b 19 April 1927 Education Officer UK address Inglewood, Old Road, Bromyard Herefordshire.  Died 10 April 2010 (Public Ancestry Tree)

Mrs Barbara J Halliwell nee Edmonston b 16 August 1922 Died 2013 (Public Ancestry Tree)

Son Halliwell b 6 October 1953

Daughter Halliwell b 18 November 1955