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Alexander Robert STANFORD [c.1873-????]

Alexander Robert
c.1873-01-01 (Year is approximate)
Birthplace (country): 


Carl Smith Card

Alexander Robert Stanford born (?). Baptised Roman Catholic Cathedral, Hong Kong 26th Janaury 1873 child of Benlamin Stanford and Eliza Maria 

Sponser: Anne Baker


Marriage: The Parish Church of St Thomas, Bath Row, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom 12th June 1892 to Maria Sims according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by Curate Hubert G. Kingdom

Alexander was a 23 year old bachelor, occupation: Clerk; Father: Benjamin Stanford; Father's occupation: Timber merchant 

Witnessed by: Frank George Oliver and Sarah Varley 


Massachussetts US Boston Archdiocese Roman Catholic Sacramental Records

Eliza J Baker born 15th June 1851 baptised 16 June 1851



I note in the 1891 census, the surname was recorded as “Stanford”.  You confused me with 'Stanton" above (!) Daughter Amy L. Stanford was recorded as born in London in the 1891 England Census whereas born in Hong Kong in the 1901 Census (living in Liskeard, Cornwall) but surname "Stanton" - 2 completely different people with similar surnames?  I think so given the different birth years - see below


NB. Amy Stanton (born 1887 in Hong Kong) was the daughter of William Stanton. William Stanton was a retired on-pension police inspector (in 1901 England Census, living in Liskeard, Cornwall), who was born in St Cleer, Cornwall 1849. Other daughter of William Stanton included Emily Stanton born in Hong Kong 1882 (and living in Liskeard, Cornwall in 1901 England census). Father of Louisa Stanford/Stanton (born Hong Kong 1875) unknown at present until further information emerges.

Regarding Alexander Stanford, it is clear Eliza Jane Stanford (nee Baker) named her son after her father, Alexander Baker. 

My apologies for the confusion.

No worries ann, not annoyed, just for a moment I was befuddled because we had two Amy's with similar surnames seemingly from Hong Kong born in the 1880s but with different set of siblings!  Your help on all the research is much appreciated.

One of my senior moments.

Alexander Baker was a seaman but I can find no link to Hong Kong. I am trying to work out when and where Eliza met Benjamin Robert Stanford.

I know I was thinking the same thing. How did an American teenage girl ended up from east coast USA to Hong Kong by the late 1860s? (Benjamin was already working in HK from at least 1863). I would have thought her father being a seaman was a likely reason - but how and why? Missionary work? But she was a Catholic married to a Protestant so that line of work was not a priority if it was. I note her brother William Lucas Baker was one of the sponser's for her baby (Eleanora in 1871) at baptism in HK, so he was around too. 

Or maybe William was here for Missionary work in China?

See my most recent post. I think I have solved the mystery Posted on Eliza Jane Baker link