Houses 45 - 47 Grampian Road (Sun Hok Building) [c.1931- ]

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They were originally built on NKIL 1382 as a pair of semi-detached European houses with a mirrored plan. This pair of detached houses wasprobably built in 1931 (the year after the lot was purchased), when Art Deco style was at its peak.

In 1934, the owner of 45 Grampian Road hosted preachers of the Bethel Mission of China which came to Hong Kong from China. The mission rented that house and purchased the adjacent land lot at 47 Grampian Road as a temporary seminary site in 1939. The Seminary was closed during the Japanese Occupation.

After the war, the Seminary was reopened and operated kindergarten and high school on the site.

The Bethel High School (founded 1922 in Shanghai) grew over the years and was transferred to the status of Government Subsidized Secondary School in 1982. It moved from Kowloon City to its present site – Fairview Park, Yuen Long in 1989.

The building is cuurently used as the Bethel Bible Seminary, having a four-year curriculum offering a Bachelor of Theology degree.

Since December 18, 2009, the building is recognized as a Grade II historic building. It is the last one of many similar houses built in Kowloon City.


Historical cum Social Study on Kowloon City district in connection with Kai Tak area

3.4.8 Bethel Bible Seminary (page 223ff.)

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Found this at the corner of the wall facing Munsang College.

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