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Aberdeen Battery Lower Platform [1939- ]

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Aberdeen Battery has an upper and lower platform. The lower platform has an open area for the artillery piece, an interior trench protected by blast walls with three splinter-proof shelters, and an exterior trench on the western side of the blast wall. The platform was constructed on 24 Nov 1939 as evidenced by a signed block from F Company, 22nd Royal Engineers. 

Aberdeen Battery was equipped with two 4-inch breech-loading naval guns. Designated as No. 3 Battery, commanded by 2/Lt George WILBY and manned by a platoon from the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps (HKVDC). On 11th December 1941, this battery fired upon a group of fishing boats that were thought to be Japanese troops in disguise and with the assistance of a platoon of Winnipeg Grenadiers, the attackers were driven off. However, Japanese war diaries do not record such an event. 

Around 8 am on 25th December, the battery came under bombardment from Japanese positions trying to sink the motor torpedo boats carrying Admiral CHAN Chak to safety. Although Governor Young surrendered Hong Kong on the afternoon of the 25th, the HKVDC at No. 3 Battery were cut off from communication and continued to fight. Officers at the Aberdeen Technical School temporary headquarters alerted the Battery by turning on all their lights.  After sending an officer and a gunner to confirm the news, the No.3 crew then destroyed their guns, threw vital parts into the sea, and abandoned the Battery.

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Great find, so which is the easiest way to reach this place? From the other one of similar nature nearby (with gravestones around), or from somewhere downhill?

The easiest way is to start from the upper platform. With the wooden signboard that says "Aberdeen Battery" on your right, there is a steep path to your left. Use the ropes and go down until you see a path going off to the right. Beware of bees!

Hi There,

Beware of snakes and wild boars too.  Wild boars had been spotted on Ap Lei Chau in the past few years and these undisturbed location may have one or two lucking around.