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Old school house, Ma Mei Ha Village [????- ]

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Hi everyone.

Does anyone have any info on the old school house on Sha Tau Kok road? It's right beside the road next to the little shop. All I know is it is over 80 years old and was the local school until a newer one was built. I have a picture if anyone is interested.

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Photos that show this place


Hi Hugo,

Please post the picture of the old school house you mentioned. Thanks!


I lived in Kan Tau Tsuen , opposite the school building there, which is now a Community Centre type of place. The Primary School was still open  in about 2005. (I lived there for 12 years until 2017) and am presuming that the "Newer one" that you mention must be that school. 

I must say I have no idea what the building you mention looks like. I used the little shop all the time. I would need to see your photo to be able to comment. Thanks

Hi, I have posted the pic.......

PHOTO-2021-03-16-17-28-12.png, by hugie


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Please take a look at the pic I posted on the other comment. You will recognise it straight away although the last tenants  knocked it about a lot! 

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Thanks for uploading the photo, I've added it to your comment. (Here's how it's done: https://gwulo.com/node/1929)