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Au Trou Normand (French Restaurant, Second Location) [????-2000]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists
Date Place demolished: 

Address: 4B-6H Carnarvon Road, Friends' House. Previously located at 6 Hankow Road. One of the early French restaurants in Kowloon. Closed circa 2000. Later resurrected and moved to Granville Road and closed in 2003. The decor of the restaurant can be viewed here

Photos that show this place



Is this another restaurant/location?

Au Trou Normand 1980
Au Trou Normand 1980, by Klaus

Hankow road...knew it well,used to go there for a treat.

The only time i've had frog's legs to eat...wouldn't recommend them!


Am glad you still have the guide book. Should be the same establishment. Will change mine to the second location! Thanks.

A photo showing this location can be seen on Flickr.

That was when it moved to its 3rd and final location at 1/f Taurus Building, corner of Granville and Carnarvon. The 3rd location was the one that closed May 8, 2003, date per The Taurus Building's address is 21 Granville, but my memory is that the restaurant entrance was on Carnarvon. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks and amended. The entrance of the 2nd location was on Carnarvon Road. Not sure of the final location.