KCR BS Freight Wagons Post-1949

Submitted by Yuenmatthew415 on Wed, 12/02/2020 - 23:12

In 1949, the KCR obtained new wagons from BRC&W in England, which consisted of 45t covered vans, high and low-sided wagons, brake vans, flat wagons and oil tankers in order to make up for a loss in wagon after WWII.

The numbering system for these post-1949 wagons would have been a 6 digit number

First 2 digits: Unsure, might be carrying capacity in tonnes

Third digit: type of wagon (1-Flat Wagon, 2-Low-sided Wagon, 3-High-sided Wagon, 4/5-Van)

Fourth to sixth digit: Wagon number


Could anyone shed some light on these wagons? Thanks.


There is no record of the vehicle arriving in the 1949 or 1950 KCRC Annual report. However in the  1950-1 report para 48:

"There have been 130 steel 443/4  metric ton covered wagons and five 45 metric ton oil tank wagons (10,000 gallons of water) recieved from the United Kingdom and assembled for traffic. These wagons are of modern design with cast steel bogies, 33" x 51/2" rolled steel wheels and 51/2" x 10" journals, Westinghouse automatic air brakes, AAR Type E automatic couplers, frinction type central draft gears and Iracier type journal boxes. Principle dimensions of the covered wagons are:- floor height 3' 7", height from underfarme to the underside of the roof sheets at centre inside 8' 9", width 9' 0" inside length between head stocks 40' 0" inside coupler centre from rail 35", length between outer face of couplers is 43' 8"."