Kowloon Star Ferry Bus Terminus [1921- ]

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The Kowloon bus service from the Star Ferry Terminal took a period of time to commence operations. It was finally inaugurated on 26 November 1921. The sole operator, the Kowloon Motor Bus Co Ltd operated services to Kowloon Docks, Yau Ma Ti and Ho Man Tin. A fleet of nine Ford one-ton trucks specially modified for the carriage of passengers were used on the routes. HK Telegraph 3 November and China Mail 28 November 1921 refers. 

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The area immediately in front of the station and to the south of Salisbury Road was made up to the required levels and macadamised, the necessary kerbing, channelling and footways being also provided. The cost of the work, amounting to $2,024.08, was defrayed from Railway Votes.

So 1916 should be the earliest date for the bus terminal. Possibly only private cars and rickshaws were present in the early days.

Made a mention of the commencement of the bus service at the top of the page. Noted the information. Thanks.

Not sure if the picture below shows the modified Ford one-ton trucks that were operated on the initial bus routes in Kowloon ? Perhaps other contributors can comment. 

1920s Kowloon Star Ferry
1920s Kowloon Star Ferry, by moddsey