King George V Memorial Park (Kowloon) [1941- ]

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This photo shows the site of King George V Memorial Park (Kowloon) in 1948. Shortly after opening Hong Kong was invaded and occupied by the Japanese. Wikipedia refers that the park was partly destroyed and used as a refuse dump. In 1948 it looks as if the site has been cleared already. Only a pavilion and a small building survived the war.

Site of King George V Memorial Park (Kowloon) 1948
Site of King George V Memorial Park (Kowloon) 1948, by Klaus

In 2011 I took a photo of a pavilion inside the park

Pavilion at King George V Memorial Park
Pavilion at King George V Memorial Park , by Klaus

I wonder if this is the one from the 1948 photo, but likely not.

The newspaper report of the park's opening that Moddsey mentioned (see page 12) says:

... a bronze plaque of His Late Majesty King George V over [the main entrance gate] looks out on the path leading to the park."

I guess that would have been removed during the Japanese occupation.

I don't know of any statue of the king in the park, so it sounds like a mistake on the Google Map.

In Kowloon there is a sufficiently unalienated space at the Northern end of Canton Road just before it joins Jordan Road. It contains at present some rocky hummocks but, given funds, these can be easily levelled off or converted into terrace gardens........

Article on the Official Scheme in the Hong Kong Telegraph 26 October 1936. See here