Nils Eric Amelon MOLLER [1875-1954]

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Nils Eric Amelon
Birthplace (town, state)
Cause of death
Air crash at Kallang Airport, Singapore

Nils was the owner/executive manager of Moller Line Ltd. After surviving WW II imprisonment in China and loss of his Shanghai' businesses, he moved to Hong Kong. Nils Moller died 13 Mar 1954 at the old Kallang Airport in Singapore following crashing landing of an incoming BOAC flight from Australia.

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My father worked for Mollers in Shanghai before the war and after the war we were in the UK and then in Hong Kong in the 50s.  Is there anyone around whose parent worked for Mollers as well?.  The only person I can think of whose father worked for Mollers was Rory Gibbon who was around my age. I think the Gibbons lived in Pokfulham - but am not sure.

Hi Nick, I was very interested to read your entry.  I thought Mollers had ceased to exist as a company so am I mistaken or was it a gathering of people who had been previously connected with the firm?  And was there anyone present who had been in HK in the 11950s?


Hi Ngaire,

You're right. The company ceased to exist around 1980. There were just six of us ex-employees who got together for a reunion lunch. We had all worked for Mollers in HK in the Seventies. The only one with a connection to earlier times was Tim Tucker whose father had been Managing Director of Mollers HK during the Sixties I think, and had worked for the firm in Durban before then. I have his email address if you're interested.

It would be intersting to hear more about your own connections.

Best wishes,


Hi Nick,

It's great to have such a prompt reply.  If Tim has an older sister, Sue, I think that was her name, then I remember him as boy in HK. Sue was my sister Eleanor's age, and is in a recent photograph I posted on Gwulo, Diana Gaston's party


I should have added that my father started working for Mollers in the 1930s and my mother went to Shanghai from New Zealand to marry him in 1934.  I have visited the house the Mollers owned in Shangahi.  As you may know it is now a hotel.  After the war we went to England where my father continued to work for Mollers in Blythe, Northumberland and I remember meeting, I think it was, Eric Moller, in London once when we were there, actually on our way to Hong Kong.  Both my parents would have known the Mollers from the time they were in Shanghai.  When we livied in Hong Kong (this was in the early 1950s) we lived in Cameron House where there were some other Moller families.  That's how I knew the Tuckers.

Mr father, George Hammill, joined Mollers in Hong Kong after WW2. He and my mother moved to Kobe, Japan in 1950, after he joined Everett Steamship. We returned to HK in 1962 and I believe my parents remained in contact with friends from Mollers. I’m afraid I don’t know any names.

Hi all,

I grew up in Cameron House from 1972 to 1981 as my father, Mark Rhys, worked for Mollers. I do not remember the first name, but I remember a Mr Tucker living in one of the ground floor flats. We lived in the flat above, on the 1st floor, and Mr Tucker would bang on the ceiling when we made too much noise. He had a lot to put up with!

Other families in the building I remember were: Bob and Pam Campion (Bob passed away last year); Brian and Valtrad Lloyd and their sons Tom and Peter; Richard and Sheila Kilburn and their children Michael and Philippa (both living in HK); the Clarkes (cannot remember their first names); and the Wardells.  I think they all worked for Mollers.

My bother, sisters and I have wonderful memories of Cameron House.

Ben Rhys

It's been quite a while since I looked at this and am now appreciating the entries.  Am interested to know more about the Moller re-unions - when and where was the last one held and are any further ones planned.

Marriage &  Baptisms  MOLLER Holy Trinity  Cathedral Shanghai


12 December 1905 Nils Eric Amelon MOLLER to Isabel Elizabeth BLECHYNDEN


10 December 1906 Eric Blechynden MOLLER

29 June 1908 John Lindsay Blechynden MOLLER

12 December 1910 Ralph Blechynden MOLLER

11 June 1913 Christopher Blechynden MOLLER

19 November 1915 Isabel Erica Blechynden MOLLER

12 December 1916 Nancy Rosalie Blechynden MOLLER

Carl Smith Card 126937

Thanks very much for that list.  Recently I got a couple of books out of our local library that wre about pre-war shipping in the Far East and Mollers got a very brief mention and some years ago I visited the Mollers' house in Shanghai - now open to the public and you probably know that.  I suppose it is all a very long time ago now!

Mollers is mentioned in this book:

Last Boat Out of Shanghai: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Fled Mao's Revolution

It is a very good non-fiction acccount of those turbulent times. One of the women was able to join Mollers in Hong Kong in the 1950's along with a number of her school mates from Shanghai due to their education.

My father, Lawrence Green and mother, Ursula, arrived in Hong Kong in late 1947 or early in 1948. His first job was with Mollers and my parents lived out at Fanling where Eric would visit as I think he stabled his many horses at a stable there. When my sister Angela was born in June 1949, Eric was made a godfather. Then in late 1949 or early 1950 my parents and sister moved to “Fairylands” by Deep Water Bay (now a government property) a property owned by Eric. When I was born in 1956, Chris Moller was made my godfather and I was in contact with him and his wife Denny until his death in 2006. I was also in touch with his daughter Snooks after Chris’s death. 
Eric had a premonition about dying in a plane crash and missed 2 flights before making his final fateful journey. I know that Chris moved to Durban via Rhodesia and my father and I visited him and Denny at their farm in Gilets, where he bred polo ponies, in the summer of 1974. Chris and his sister Nancy visited me in Kent in the mid to late 1980’s. One of his brothers was also a keen race goer and had a horse running in the Epsom Derby one year.
Unfortunately I have now lost all contact with the Moller family but my sister and I will always remember the fondest way in which our parents regarded the whole Moller family especially Eric. 
We have a few photos that we would like to share with you once we have located them and managed to work out how to download them onto this site!
I hope this has been useful to everyone who is searching the Moller family.

I would like to know if McQueen is the son of Norman McQueen who used to be employed as Chief Engineer for Jardines. If so, I have several photographs containing Norm. He is also shown in my publication "Lost in the Battle for Hong Kong".

Bob Tatz


Hello Mr. Tatz,

You are correct. My father was indeed the Chief Engineer at Jardine Matheson. I am his daughter, Michele. I would love to see photos of my father, I must also track down a copy of your publication. 


I hope that these photos might bring back memories to many families who might have known the Moller family as well as we did.
With thanks.
Jan Withers-Green aka Roundie 

My sister Angie’s christening in Late 1949
My sister Angie’s christening in Late 1949, by roundiehongkong1956


“Fairyland” at Deep Water Bay
“Fairyland” at Deep Water Bay, by roundiehongkong1956


A Christmas card sent to my sister Angela from her godfather Eric Moller
A Christmas card sent to my sister Angela from her godfather Eric Moller, by roundiehongkong1956


Eric Moller with his horse at Fanling.
Eric Moller with his horse at Fanling., by roundiehongkong1956


Fairylands, by roundiehongkong1956


Eric Moller on one of his beloved horses.
Eric Moller on one of his beloved horses., by roundiehongkong1956


Eric Moller with another of his beloved horses
Eric Moller with another of his beloved horses, by roundiehongkong1956


My father, Lawrence Green, at his first job with Mollers in 1950 and one of their companies.
My father, Lawrence Green, at his first job with Mollers in 1950 and one of their companies., by roundiehongkong1956


My godfather Chris Moller, Eric’s son with Ludmilla Gardeners sister (sorry but I’ve forgot her name!! )
My godfather Chris Moller, Eric’s son with Ludmilla Gardeners sister (sorry but I’ve forgot her name!! ), by roundiehongkong1956

My grandfather George worked for Eric Moller from 1938 to 1941 as a horse trainer, achieving a number of successes. After the war, he returned to Hong Kong where he had a successful career. I have some early photos from Shanghai of Mr Moller, his horses and my grandfather. Would love to connect with anyone who is interested in sharing information, photos etc.

Kind regards