KGV Student Rolls from the 1940s & '50s

Submitted by howzend on Fri, 07/07/2017 - 11:22

I'm looking for some information on a Western woman (Russian mother; lived in TST) named Lindy who was born in HK around 1940 and went to KGV. Does anyone know if the school's student rolls are available for viewing?

If my fading memory serves me right there was a girl at KGV called Lindy Parks when I was there in the late forties/early fiftees . Agewise she would have been the person you are trying to trace. That's as much as I can remember. Good luck in your search.


Hi there - Lindy Parks (born Pio-Ulski) is my sister  laugh

Can I pass a message on to her from you?


Wow! I didn't think this would happen so quickly. Thank you for reaching out. The daughter of a former classmate of Lindy would like to put the two women together. I've passed on your website info (which I found about an hour ago) to this third party and I'm sure she'll be in touch shortly. Thank you.

I got this photo of Lindy taken in 1950 when she was going to KGV aged 11.

Lindy and I were both born with the surname Pio-Ulski but my father, in his desire to have us all considered good "British"  subjects, changed our surname to Parks in December 1947  cool

Lindy was 8 years old when her surname was changed but I was just 4 months old so it never bothered me. However since I've been chasing my genealogy links, I'm quite proud to be known as a Pio-Ulski and not as a Parks!!! laugh

1950 Lindy in KGV uniform Cameron Road.jpg
1950 Lindy in KGV uniform Cameron Road.jpg, by Nona