Power Station of HK Tramways [c.1903-c.1924]

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Hong Kong Tramways built a power station at the Bowrington Canal. The canal was used both for turbine cooling water and delivery of coal with barges.

It operated from 1904 to 1923. The location was near or at the place where the Sharp Street Tram Depot was built later, probably a tram depot existed there before. Its unknown when the station was demolished, the dates are set preliminary from 1903 to 1924.

More informations on the power station can be found here.

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The generating station is noted in item 16 of the 1904 Public Works Report:

The generating station, centrally placed, is fitted with two continuous current, direct connected railway generators of the multipolar type, compound wound giving a potential of 550 volts and making 100 revolutions per minute and are keyed direct to the engines which are of the horizontal cross compound type, each being equal to a maximum brake load of 557 brake horse power. The boiler power is supplied by two double drum "Babcock and Wilcox" water tube boilers each having 3,654 square feet of heating surface evaporating 12,000 lbs. of water per hour, working at a pressure of 100 lbs. per square inch.